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Makepeace Island: Richard Branson’s Antipodean Fantasy Island

BY: Glenn Harris | 2022
There are two levels of privilege and exclusivity. For some, it's flying first class and for others, it’s...

Tavola Villa: Adding ‘Relaxed’ to Luxury in Fiji

A destination known for its five-star resorts, Fiji has drawn some of the biggest names in hospitality – from Sofitel...
Bora Bora

Three New Small Ship, Sustainable & Ultra-Luxe Cruise Itineraries to Bookmark Through 2024

BY: Keri Bridgwater | 2022
Arguably one of the hardest-hit travel industry segments of the pandemic, it’s shaping up to a big year for new ships...

The Spicers Scenic Rim Trail: Australia’s Ultimate Eco Lux Walking Adventure

BY: Glenn Harris | 2021
Walking. It is life’s second major milestone right after learning to say our first word. Walking holidays take this...

Exploring Noosa: How Australia Defines Coastal Chic

BY: Glenn Harris | 2021
Your front yard is the horizon. Where your lawn would be is an ocean of blue, cerulean, and emerald green colors that...
Turtle Island

Fiji's Luxury Private Island: Turtle Island

BY: Beth Graham | 2021
The story behind Fiji’s most magical resort, Turtle Island, is as unique as the island itself. In 1972, U.S. cable TV...

Destination Brisbane: Australia’s Newly Minted Jetset City: Part 1

BY: Glenn Harris | 2021
Australians have a peculiar habit of giving everything childish-sounding nicknames. An umbrella is a brollie, breakfast...

The Brando Resort on Tetiaroa Offers Paradise

BY: Jill Weinlein | 2021
When actor Marlon Brando purchased the private islet Teriaroa, after filming 'Mutiny on the Bounty" on nearby...
Alice Springs

Exploring Australia’s Kakadu National Park, A National Treasure and Twice Listed UNESCO World Heritage Wildlife Refuge

BY: Glenn Harris | 2021
The Grand Canyon, Krueger National Park, and England’s Lake District National Park are a few of the world’s most...

Cairns Australia: Sure, The Great Barrier Reef But So More Than a One Trick Pony

BY: Glenn Harris | 2021
The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the world where SCUBA diving, snorkeling or a tour in glass bottom...
Alice Springs

Exploring the Red Centre, Alice Springs and the Gorgeous Gorges of Central Australia’s Outback

BY: Glenn Harris | 2021
The Outback is the term created to define Australia’s most rugged areas, far away from the coast and in the...

Australia’s Tropical Island Playground: Diving into The Whitsunday Part 2

BY: Glenn Harris | 2021
There’s no holiday like being on a tropical island.  The image of palm trees rustling in the breeze and the...
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